Mimi the Angels

Mimi the Angel: A Small Angel With A Big Heart!

Fundraise with Mimi the Angel books and receive $4.00 CDN out of every book sold to help your cause. As mentioned on CTV news, fundraising with Mimi is simple. We help you every step of the way. All you need to do is make the first step and contact us. We fundraise anywhere in the world.

Fundraising with Mimi the Angel is Simple!

Mimi Publishing Inc. makes fundraising easy! Mimi Publishing Inc. provides an order form that you can distribute to your staff or throughout your organization or newsletter members. The order form contains a unique code (that we give you) that describes your organization. All of this is done with the help and efforts of your fundraising committee for the length of time you specify. Both copies of Mimi the Angel Gets Her Wings and Mimi the Angel Visits the Hospital are donated to help support your fundraising needs and to circulate for viewing. (PDF version available as well). An ideal unique sales tool for schools, churches, hospitals and children’s charities.

If you are an individual/Child who would like to raise funds for a worthy cause and would like to know more about our Be an Angel in Action Program™, contact us at: info@mimitheangel.ca.

If you live in the United States, we will offer you $4.00 CDN or its USD equivalent. PDF’s of the flyer and sample order form available for USA residents by contacting us at events@mimitheangel.ca.

If you live anywhere else in the world and are interested in our fundraising program, kindly contact us at events@mimitheangel.ca and we will be more than happy to assist you and design an order form for your needs.

How Mimi Can Help You Fundraise and Help Others

This universal message celebrating the human spirit works well with most organizations who serve community and the world at large. We in turn wish to play our role in “paying it forward”. It is in this light that we contact you today. Organizations are always looking for new ways to attract donations, increase its memberships and provide value added services. With our Mimi the Angel series of books you can provide your membership with a beautiful meaningful lasting product leaving both the giver and receiver with a good feeling of being of service to others while educating children and encouraging literacy.

Mimi the Angel Helping You!

Here are but a few of the organizations, Mimi Publishing Inc. has helped thus far! The list continues to grow!

Our goal is to help any organizations/individuals/children in the world that needs an Angel in Action and would like to raise funds for a good cause in order to help others.

(If you would like to fundraise with our Mimi Books, please contact us at events@mimitheangel.ca)

Fundraising and Serving Is Simple!

For every Mimi the Angel book sold $4.00 CND goes right to you! We are able to provide you with a simple JPG flyer outlining these details that you can easily send out to your membership. This simple email does not cost you anything and potentially bring in much need funds.

Offer Something New and Innovative!

In keeping up with modern times, you could consider replacing the old unhealthy fundraising items like chocolates and cookies with Mimi the Angel series of books.

Mimi The Angel Fundraising Provides You:

Upcoming Titles:

Mimi the Angel Gets Her Wings – Available Now

Mimi the Angel Visits the Hospital – Available Now

Mimi the Angel Helps Mother Nature

Mimi the Angel Travels the World

In divine service,

Your Fundraising Team
Mimi Publishing Inc