Mimi the Angels

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The character Mimi the Angel was inspired by a nine year old girl named Emily "Mimi" R. who is a magical child living in Orleans, Ontario. When the two authors collaborated on a concept for a children’s book, they created a sweet adorable angel who helps and teaches children about the virtues of the human spirit; hope, faith, respect and goodness. Mimi was born when local award-winning artist Julie Lefebvre brought this helpful angel to life.

The authors intend that Mimi the Angel will become a much beloved character like Mickey Mouse was to generations of children both young and old. However, the children of today demand a new kind of storytelling. The world requires inspired action to solve global problems. Children today want to help others more than ever. The authors believe that Mimi the Angel will be their champion to do positive work in their communities. For every book sold, under the Be an Angel in Action fundraising program, the authors donate $4.00 CDN from each book towards a charity, school, hospital or organization doing good work.

The Mimi the Angel series of books will consist of 27 stories that will have Mimi on adventures sharing messages of hope, working with children in crisis, helping the sick, the less fortunate, helping Mother Earth to protect the environment. Written in a non-denominational way, Mimi the Angel bridges the gap of religion, faith, and geography. The authors selected an angel as a universal symbol of hope and love. She reminds us of our interdependence and connectedness. Both authors feel deeply connected to Mimi and believe all who meet her will also fall in love with her. They also believe that Mimi will be the voice that will carry around the world messages of hope, love and respect among young children. Similar to a “hero”, the authors hope that Mimi will be every child’s hero as they learn and grow with Mimi and discover how to make the world a better place. They intend to develop story lines to the ever-changing needs of children today. Their love and devotion to children is what keeps their dreams alive to create a better and safer world for every child on Earth.

Why Mimi the Angel is a must for every child:

A sharing experience

Mimi the Angel books are meant to help parents and children share the experience of storytelling together as they discover ways to improve themselves as individuals and the world around them.

An adorable angel

The magical quality of an angel inspires children’s imagination to come up with creative solutions to today’s problems.

A great companion

Mimi the Angel teaches each child the importance of their individuality and their contributions to the world. Every child can make a difference!

A parent’s friend

Mimi the Angel creates the perfect environment to help every parent interact with their child. Mimi’s adventures will encourage communication and will help parents make story time fun!

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