Mimi the Angels

About Us

It is due to the inspiration, enthusiasm and determination of the authors, Sylvie Brűlé and Jennifer Clark and illustrator Julie Lefebvre that have made Mimi the Angel come to life. Their books, self-published by Mimi Publishing Inc., were created through the consultation and feedback received from children aged 3 to 13 years old. Many of Mimi’s characteristics and adventures were modified to accurately reflect a child’s imagination. Mimi the Angel series of children’s books (Ages 3 and up) was created to inspire, educate and motivate children about their true divine nature.

Mimi Publishing Inc.

Sylvie Brűlé and Jennifer Clark founded Mimi Publishing Inc in 2005. In December 2004, Jennifer met Emily “Mimi” R, a nine year old magical child, who told her that she would write a children’s book. Jennifer laughed it off as a funny comment from a sweet child. Three months later, Sylvie asked Jennifer to collaborate with her on a children’s book. Pooling their unique resources, they were guided to create a character called Mimi the Angel who would gallantly save the world, and inspire humanity to new heights of living. Shortly thereafter, the women decided to self-publish their first book and create Mimi Publishing Inc.

Our Mission

Through the adventures of one small angel with a big heart, the authors want to teach children all over the world about the virtues of the human spirit: love, respect, hope, faith and positive action.

Mimi Publishing Inc. aspires to entertain children while engaging their own divine imaginations. Mimi the Angel was created to help parents instill virtues, morals, values, such as hope, faith and respect for their young children. In the near future, Mimi the Angel will be translated into other languages so that children around the world can be united in their human spirit. Mimi Publishing Inc. also intends to create a children’s animated television series that can be watched by young children as they sit in their pyjamas eating their cereal on an early Saturday morning. Eventually the authors hope to see Mimi the Angel on the big screen inspiring children towards positive action.

This is a long-term project for the authors. Our goal is to listen to the children and write about topics that are important to them in a series of 27 books. Both authors were very impacted by books when they were young. They wish to give back to the children of today by instilling in them a love of reading while giving them the hope and encouragement needed to help them grow and believe that one small child can make a difference in the world.

They intend to launch a “Mimi movement” for children around the world towards inspired action. To support children helping children, they have created a “Be an Angel in Action™” program for schools, communities and groups to help others in need. Through fundraising efforts and collaboration with charities and civic groups, they wish to spread Mimi’s message of hope around the world.


Sylvie Brűlé

Sylvie Brűlé Photo As an accomplished workshop facilitator, public speaker, spiritual coach, Sylvie teaches children and adults various ways to connect with their divine selves while pursuing their dreams and goals. Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Sylvie's love for books and writing started out at a very young age. Her vivid and creative imagination entertained Sylvie as a child as she regularly wrote children plays with various enchanted characters to keep her busy. Her dedication to children later inspired her to volunteer for various children related events which eventually led her to create a Sunday school program for kids. Her love for music also lead her to sing in the “Tout simplement...Génial” musical created by Le Choeur de l’Île in 2002. Influenced by the likes of T. Harv Eker, Stevan Thayer, Dr. Doreen Virtue PhD, Dale Carnegie, Leonardo DiCaprio, Oprah Winfrey and Mother Teresa, Sylvie discovered that a positive attitude accompanied by a dream, determination and a willingness to help gave her the ingredients to realize her potential. With the years, her love for books and passion for creative stories developed into a longing to write educational and moral based books that would help children realize their own potential and creative needs. After years of studies in numerous medical backgrounds such as nursing, medical laboratory and dental assisting, Sylvie realized that her passion truly resided in book publishing. As an experienced project manager with a background in graphic arts, her work of 14 years has enabled Sylvie to gain much valuable knowledge and experience within the publishing field. Sylvie currently works in the environmental field following yet another dream to help and inspire others into positive action towards our most valuable asset. Sylvie is also a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner, an IET Master Instructor and an Intuitive Coach working privately with clients in achieving their goals and discovering their life purpose since 2000. Inspired by a dream, Mimi the Angel was created as a way for children to relate to a positive role model through a series of inspirational books.

Jennifer Clark

Jennifer Clark Photo Jennifer Clark was first engaged with books at a very young age. Growing up reading Nancy Drew mysteries, she was an avid fan of the Ottawa School Board’s Bookmobile and couldn’t wait to get her hands on a new book. Books represented a great source of adventure for her and allowed her young imagination to take her to places and spaces around the world she’d never been before. Books taught her to dream, to take action, to have faith and to have hope. She was first acknowledged for her creative writing skills when she won an award in Grade 6 for the Ottawa Human Society. As an adult, she was inspired to create the Mimi the Angel character by a young magical child nicknamed “Mimi” to encourage children around the world to get involved in their community to help others. She co-authors the Mimi books with her writing partner, Sylvie Brule, and is a popular freelance writer writing on self-development and empowerment topics. For the past 7 years, Jennifer Clark has been a professional Agent of Change, Creative Catalyst and Life Strategist assisting young and old alike live with passion and purpose. In this capacity, she has consulted with over 6000 clients to support them in revealing their true passion’s and life’s purpose. She is a monthly contributor to Tone magazine, frequent contributor for Capital Style magazine and host of CKCU FM radio’s “The Namaste Show: Good News For A Change” a live radio talk show in Ottawa. She is a popular and frequent guest on Roger Television’s Talk Ottawa, has been profiled on CJOH Television’s Regional Contact, The Ottawa Sun newspaper and Hot 89.9 FM radio. Born and raised in Ottawa, Jennifer Clark graduated from Queen’s University with a Bachelor of Arts Honors in Political Science and then followed up with a certificate in Risk Management. She then followed a more esoteric education being the first Angel Therapy Practitioner and Professional Spiritual Teacher certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue PhD working in Ottawa. She uses her mind, body, spirit principles in all the work she does. Jennifer Clark genuinely desires to shape the world she lives in by inspiring one person at a time. Paying it forward, she hopes that Mimi the Angel does the same for young children around the world. To learn more about Jennifer Clark and her work, visit www.jenniferclark.ca.


Julie Lefebvre

Julie Lefebvre Photo Nee: Julie Bonhomme, 1967

Julie Bonhomme was born in London, England and later moved to Ottawa Canada. Julie always enjoyed drawing and crafts as a child – she focused her life on art and later graduated with a Graphic Design Diploma and Illustration Awards.

Julie went on to lead a career in Illustration and Design – focusing on cartoons, caricatures, figurines, greeting cards and murals. Julie now makes her home in Ottawa with her husband Peter Lefebvre and their two children, Bronwyn and Evan, who give her inspiration.

Julie lost her parents at a young age but knows they watch over, as her Guardian Angels. When the opportunity to create Mimi came along – Julie knew that the fit was perfect – and she could create an Angel!

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